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and personal overseas. following the murder of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya and what appears to be a coordinated contemporaneous attack on the american embassy in cairo. president obama tonight embroiled in controversy as his administration is forced to rationalize to state department apologies to radical islamists run into conflict with the anti-mohammed movie. we bring you the latest developments tonight. and an analysis by ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. and doctor walid phares. former pentagon official kt mcfarland. bringing you up-to-date on what is happening in washington and the middle east. two of our outpost attacked on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks 11 years ago. in egypt, the american embassy staff were assessing reports of a possible demonstration outside the embassy in cairo. the embassy sent out a message, that was sympathetic to muslims, upset by the movie, tweeting that we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. just before 5:00 p.m. eastern, they rioted, breaching walls and
, rose out of early protest against an anti-muslim film. all of this, despite reports from within libya and libya's president said the incident was a well planned, coordinated, per meditated attack on an unsupported unfortified consulate. coinciding with the september 11 attacks. we will be taking all of that up here tonight. with former deputy secretary deputy secretary of defense, president of the world bank, paul wolfowitz and john bolton and national security adviser k.t. mcfarland. for new hampshire governor and white house chief of staff and governor mitt romney, john sununu. the obama administration, at odds with the libyan government over the details of last week's attacks in benghazi. the white house, funding for nearly a week that the violence and the protests brendan got the muslim world is based solely on a entitle him it internet video and that the murders in libya were a spontaneous result of this process. >> the information, the best information on the best protection we have today is that in fact, this was not a pre-planned, premeditated attack. that would have been init
in libya, events that led to the murder of ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. fox news has confirmed from an intelligence source on the ground in benghazi that there was no significant or sizable demonstration of any kind in benghazi when the attacks on the consulate were launched. the white house has now apparently decided that the investigation may well lead to a different conclusion than the one the administration has been so certain about for almost a week. >> what i can tell you that we have provided information about what we believe was the precipitating cause of the protests and the violence based on the information that we have had available. there is an ongoing investigation. the fbi is investigating and, that investigation will follow the facts wherever they lead. lou: the libyan government, an intelligence source in benghazi, eyewitnesses in benghazi, pointing to a preplanned, well-organized and coordinated strike that the obama administration still refuses to call a terrorist attack. we'll take up all of those issues here tonight. we begin with the auth
and sacrifice to our country. the people of egypt and libya and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tierney of a mob. lou: a precisely timed two-part operation under cover of more than 200 demonstrators angry at an anti-mohammed movie. the protesters stormed the consulate, armed militants traveled to a nearby safe house to attack the evacuated americans. libyan officials say the people within the governments own security forces to stop the terrorists to the safe houses location. the unrest is spreading beyond the region. violence erupted in tunisia and the german embassy set afire. american fast food restaurants also torched. demonstrations in afghanistan. palestinians and in jerusalem protests in america. american flags were burned outside the embassy. president obama vow to do better to protect american interests overseas. the administration sending an elite unit of rapid response reins to libya and the sudan area to protect american citizens. we will stand fast against the violence. we will continue to do everything in our power to protect americans serving overseas. whet
into the death of ambassador stevens in libya. there is tonight, it appears, no question whatsoever that it was an organized terrorist attack with perhaps al qaeda leadership. national security experts peter brookes, and judith miller coming up next. lou: i really think it's kabuki theater. i think the deal has been cut. i think that people in chicago don't know that the results will be that they will pony up, already paying 71 cents on he dollar in a great state for pension and health care for teachers. as i said from the very beginning of this strike in chicago, the teachers union had karen lewis and mayor rahm emanuel in collusion. it was fully political theater from the beginning. the losers in this deal are the students and their parents. i want to demonstrate to you just how right i was. well, a little bit. i am so tired of the national media focusing on a story like this and not even reporting the details. i don't ask that they always understand, but least reported the facts. chicago is already facing an estimated 1 billion-dollar deficit. we started off $1 billion by the end
with our report. >> another day. another version of exactly what went down in libya nearly two weeks ago. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> the confusion started on september 12. >> no acts of terror what other shake this nation. >> top officials spent the next week insisting they could not say it was a terror attack and suggested it was more likely a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim film. >> in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> i will not put labels on this until we have a complete investigation. >> our interest is in finding the facts of what happened, not taking what we have read in the newspaper in making bold assertions. >> even when carney flipped his thinking and told reporters it was self evident there was a terror attack within a couple of hours, the president was asked whether it was terror and would not directly answer. >> we are still doing an investigation. there will be different circumstances in different countries. i do not want to speak on anything until we have more information. >> the ping-pong answers coupled with a c
administration admits the september 11th attack and libya that resulted in the murder of our ambassador was, indeed, a terrorist attack. wheat said exactly that the very next day after it occurred. why didn't the administration? why didn't the national liberal media? what is this administration trying to cover up? ambassador john bolton reacts to that question and many others later after three weeks of blown calls nfl owners recognize, well, you have to have a level playing field. we're coming right back. ♪ a ve lately. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roaed nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit. nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious. ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the relevant question is not win there
in the road, you look close, there are 5 major ongoing crisis, al qaeda is penetrating libya, muslim brother hood is transforming egypt. there is a bloody civil war going on in syria, these are not bumps in the road. lou: to it, we suddenly have foreign leaders speaking publicly telling the united states, in this case, president obama, what to do. morsi of course that was an ex cordnary inter-- extraordinary interview with "new york times," suggestions that we abandon our culture, heritage, constitutions and be what they are. >> it seems this might be why the president wants to spend more time with the women of the view then with his fellow leaders. last year he did 13 birk lets, look at -- bilats at u.n., this year he is doing none because he is rerunning for president. he knows that foreign policy does not play well, and does not want have to the conversation right now, he will have it later. lou: is that not his responsibility? >> absolutely, any president is the chief educator of the public, he has to explain to the american public what were the reasons behind the killing of an ambassado
indicating for the first time today that the attack on our consulate in libya two weeks ago in benghazi and the murder of our ambassador may have been a terrorist attack. secretary clinton admitted, quote, "terrorists seeking to extend their reach working with violent extremists as we saw in benghazi." joining me is the security animal -- animal cyst -- analyst who workedded for ford and reagan. before we go to al-qaeda, libya, and the statements by the administration, go to what's happening at the united nations. >> uh-huh. lou: the president declines any bilateral meeting with any world leader this week. he gives a speech. will be interesting to hear your take on. he moves off to campaign while morsi and ahmadinejad basically talk about embracing the world and creating a new architecture for world government. what do you make of that? >> that's scary, isn't it. the leader of the free world, who, a year ago, was talking about the world that he envisioned, the great democracy is now at the united nations cringing to talk about the murder of the american diplomats, that it's not our faul
our consulate in eastern libya stormed by armed men who set the building ablaze. the building was evacuated before their attack. the men reportedly angered by a film being produced by u.s.-based coptic christian egyptians. that questions the words of mohammed. president obama before those events in egypt and libya, had made a point of saying that the islamic religion is not america's enemy. >> today, the war in iraq is over. in afghanistan we're training afghan security forces and forging a partnership with the afghan people. by the end of 2014, the longest war in history would be over. i always said our fight is with al qaeda and its affiliates, not with islam or any other religion. lou: the u.s. embassy in cairo apologized to anyone in the region offended by that movie and criticized anyone who would hurt the feelings of muslims. meanwhile the president rejected a request to meet with israel's prime minister at the united nations general assembly later this month. the white house cited scheduling conflicts. the president's schedule to be on the campaign trail when benjamin n
genocide in a villa but maybe he should stop greater genocide in syria. lou: talk of a conflict with libya, syria, iran, what does that represent?t the >> of libya obama's saide. stop genocide.tet kil gaddafi killed fewer thantedtate 250 people but we move could with massive force but syriatrat 10,000 have been killed but obama's will not think of moving in. trying to push mubarak out and doesn't brotherhood is coming into power in egypt. but then one year earlier he says don't get involved. the dble what explains the doublexplainse standard? mubarak and gaddafi seem toast e be doing business with us.nd lou: there is a line you draw married, and born ther. same year. such talked-about multiracial men guiding the hand of history because you are the executive producer. >> i think it helps me to understand. very often we try to fit obama into american. what does that mean? >> it means two things. in the foreign-policy front there is a view. it anticolonial you that america has been -- we need to shrink america's footprint in the world because we have been stepping on the world. sho
islamic terrorist two weeks ago today assassinated the u.s. ambassador to libya and murdered three other americans, including two former seals who went to the ambassador's aide and died defending against the terrorist attack. christopher stephens was the first american ambassador to be killed since 1979. today president obama, memorialized ambassador stevens in a speech to the united nations general assembly. a speech in which the president did not say the words assassination, murder, or terrorism in relation to the ambassador's death. the president is once again blamed the terrorist strike against our consulates and the murders of four americans on a low-budget amateurish, anti-islam, almost 14-minute-long youtube video that had been on line for months before the attack. >> in every country there are those who find different religious beliefs threatening. that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. the crude and disgusting video that sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. lou: the president did brave the assault on citizenry and blasted a run for propping up the regime is,
-american protests tomorrow. and in benghazi and libya, reports that libyan authorities have arrested four men suspected of taking part in tuesday's attack on the u.s. consulate, resulting in the murder of our ambassador, christopher stephens and three other americans. as you can see, unrest and demonstrations in the middle east are spreading. in what appears to be an organized series of protests and demonstrations, protesters have showed up at our embassies in tunisia, morocco, sudan, bangladesh, and yemen as well. the american embassy stormed by a group of protesters and turned back. an unusual alliance has taken hold in iraq. shia muslims have been working together with sunnis and their protest against the united states. they have joined forces as they chant death to america in the streets of baghdad. as those protests progressed over the last few days, president obama and his administration struggling to even define our relationship with some of those countries, including egypt. president obama, who refused to take questions from the white house press corps did sit down with telemundo and
we were four years ago in the war against al qaeda. in egypt, libya, tunisia, and all over to pakistan from afghanistan, and what worries me here is that reality on the ground is way different from the explanation given. lou: let's turn to the reaction now on the part of this administration. focusing again on that silly, amateurish cartoonists movie -- excuse me, cartoonish movie, this is the way the united states state department has responded in the region. if we could rule the state department commercial out come up with secretary clinton and the president of the united states reed since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. but there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence. none whatsoever. >> let me say very clearly, and i hope that it is obvious, that the united states government has absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. lou: the president of the united states repertory of state. your rea
the streets in new york and the consulate in new york to the u.n. was damaged like in libya, there would have been hell to pay. what's the difference between where our ambassadors picked off by terrorist terrorists whether the votes of new york or benghazi. how is it possible the administration and the president, who should have superior knowledge, allows so board nants to tell multiple stories to the american people over a period of time? i believe the congress is fed up. the dni report suggests this was a terrorist attack, the white house has a lot of answers, and thank god for fox news being tenacious enough to cause the mainstream media not to ignore this. lou: ron, turning to the issue that brad is laying out before us, and that is now we have the dni correcting, if you will, unspecified initial impressions or at least a view, but at the same time, that contradicts recent assertions in 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack. it seems this is beginning to compound this administration -- this administration is being -- it seems to be compounding the mistakes of judgment or the outright mi
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)

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